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Day 18: If You Want Me by Kayla Perrin

Day 18 in #BookSpine365. Visit a title a day from my bookshelf.

If You Want Me is written by Kayla Perrin. She has many titles besides this one under her belt, but I purchased this one for the classic romance story. Girl was a ugly duckling growing up. Had a crush. Crush breaks her heart. Sees guy years later after she is now a hot shot movie star, with a new name. He still looks great, they rejuvenate their relationship, only with a few sprinklings of drama thrown in throughout the plot.
Simply put, this is a overused concept thoughout many books. I own a few, then got quite bored with the entire novelty: memories past are someone's "true" love, so enter the happy ending or I need something more exciting to challenge my brain. It's a fast read at 359 pages, but it had me personally desiring something more. Sure, you can see the author can clearly put a book together-but romance fiction leaves a lot to be desired if it's disappointing. The condition of my book is great. It has a great smell, a few wrinkled pages, and some wrinkling and creases on the cover. Great, considering its a mass market paperback. 

Book Details
Author: Kayla Perrin
Format: Paperback fiction. 359 pages. 
Contents: Letter to readers. Half title page, dedication, title page, prologue, book sample/sneak peek of upcoming title, author bio and b&w photo by Nick Sieflow. 
©2001 Harper Collins

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