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Day 22: Alex Detail's Revolution by Darren Campo

Day 22 in in #BookSpine365. Visit a title a day from my bookshelf. 

I rarely read sci-fi books, but after reading the first few chapters of Alex Detail's Revolution it had me changing my tune. I pick this title up every now and then, in between daily chores around the house and available down times. It's really awesome. You have this child prodigy that saved the earth from aliens so they won't harvest the sun. Ten years later he's no longer this prodigy but still pretty brilliant-and somehow he ended up drugged and on one of Earth's last ships in space to fight yet another war thats heavily under attack. Let's say he's not pleased at all. 
The 310 page paperback book is mass market sized, and still in excellent condition. I received this as a complimentary copy via the author on quite a while ago in 2010. The pages are crisp, and there's little to none of that "book smell" present. The half title page has illustrations and an author bio is present inside which told me that "Campo employs Jungian archetypes for characters and Josh Campbell's here's journey themes for storylines..." Quite interesting. If you're familiar with the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, he has various theories, models and concepts. What he is perhaps best known for is his extrovert/introvert personality types and symbolism. I have yet to delve that deep into the protagonist's mind to see if this character develops such qualities, but taking such care into writing requires skill and patience-so way to go, Campo. This title is the prequel to Alex Detail's Rebellion. 

Book Details
Format: Fiction. Paperback.  0.9 x 4.1 x 6.6 inches. 5.6 ounces. Interior book design by Barbara Aronica-Buck. Book cover art and sketches by Daniel Rhone. Author photo by Suki Zoe.  310 pages. Titled spine. 
Content: title page, half title page, dedication, acknowledgements, table of contents, epilogue, author bio/b&w photo, also by author page, leaves. 
©2009 by Darren Campo, published by Jacquie Jordan Inc. 


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