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Day 26: Alicia Keys Has a Secret Muse For Poetry...

Day 26 in #BookSpine365. Visit a title a day from my bookshelf.

Tears for Water is an assortment of journal collections, poems, thoughts, and observations written by classically trained musician Alicia Keys. Most notably to address is that while she commands such a strong stage presence, this book was written without the intention of ever sharing with others, not even her confidants. Some thoughts are too personal, some too sacred.
It is without hesitation that we keep these memories and emotions a part from everything and everyone we know, journaling just within reach in ink and pen but not published. I am quite surprised with the finished product of the book for some go beyond basic lyric of end rhyme and catchy phrase and enter true poetry, such as Beckoning Green. Credits include Songs in A minor, and The Diary of Alicia Keys. 

My copy is in excellent condition. Acid free paper, slight to none bookish smell. Red cardboard book once dust jacket is removed, with white lettering of titled spine. Beautiful book design with black to grey lettering. 

Book Details
Author: Alicia Keys
Format: Poetry, Nonfiction. Hardcover with dust jacket. 179 pages. Jacket design by Elizabeth Connor, Jacket photograph by Warwick Saint. Book design by Stephanie Huntwork. ©2004 Lellow Brands, inc. published by Penguin group. 
Contents: Inside flap/introduction. Back flap/author bio. Leaves, title page, half title page, dedication, table of contents, introduction, acknowledgements, credits.


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