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Day 29: Are Skinny Women Evil? Mo'Nique Has A Book About That.

Day 29 in #BookSpine365. Visit a title a day from my bookshelf.

Comedienne Mo'nique writes a book Skinny Women Are Evil about the viewpoints coming from her life in the world of F.A.T---fabulous and thick, that is. As a comic, she's pure genuis-always witty and balancing on the tetering edge of tragedy with realness to create comedy. She tells stories. She tells truth. She's passionate. She also wears a size 22 and is quite proud of it. I was taken aback about how personal this book was about her life. It's very intimate, but thinking about it, it shouldn't it be? Telling a story of how overweight women are treated in society today and subjected to ridicule will hit quite close to home to anyone that has even been on a diet to even lose five pounds. In her words, "I really wish I didn't have to write this book, but it appears that I have no choice." Keep on mind that the title is not an attack per se, but her view on how she has been treated her whole life in regard to size. She breaks down the stigmas of dining out, traveling, exercising, being sexy- all in a small minded world. The book was indeed controversial, and you'll have to read to see if you like it yourself. While I understand her style of comedy, there are many that won't see her viewpoints justifiable and as equally ego bashing. 
My copy is in perfect condition. Removal of the flap jacket reveals black cardboard with purple titled spine lettering. Embossed lettering on flap jacket. Acid free paper. There are various black and white photographs of the author within the book. Jacket design by Elizabeth Van Italie. Photographs of authors by Blake Little. 

Book Details
Author: Mo'Nique and Sherri A. McGee
Format: Humor. Hardcover with flap jacket. ©2003 Atria Books. 224 pages. 
Contents: inside flap/summary. Inside back flap/author bios. Leaves. Title page. Half title page.  Authors acknowledgements. Table of contents, foreward, index.


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