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Day 3: "Julie and Julia" by Julie Powell

Day three of #BookSpine365

Here we go again. A book that has the motion picture still as its cover. I know, I know. Not appealing at all. Well, to me. Too bad this was in the bargain bin somewhere that day and I just happened to grab it. By the way: always read the book first. Don't judge the book by its movie, because...then you got this weird comparison thing going on and then it's messed up. I will always prefer the book over the movie that's just the way I am. So the book itself got many reviews; some good and some bad, but I think it was okay overall. Worth reading, for sure. Did it seem quite cold just do the recipes of Julia Child's without any emotion just to get a blog post and increase readership views? In the end it was a journey, and her journey was filled with a lot of excitement and laughs. I would call this book a great light read. The book also includes a reading group guide. Questions and topics for discussions near the end of the book.

Book Details:
Title: Julie & Julia
Author: Julia Powell 
Format: Softcover, 307 pages
©2005 Bay Back Books
ISBN 978-0-3-316-10969-7


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