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Day 6: "The Art of Disappearing" by Ivy Pochoda

Day 6 of 365 in #BookSpine365.

"Las Vegas magicians are a dime a dozen, but Mel’s new husband, Toby, is different; his magic is real.” That's the one sentence hook, line, and sinker summary given by the first time novelist of this book. I have yet to read this one adorning my shelf as so many countless others, but it seems so very promising despite the median book reviews out there. The inside flap jacket describes a romance between a woman and magician in the gritty and limelight streets of Vegas-where his smooth tricks woo her and their whirlwind romance of two days ends up in a marriage. Apparently, as she falls more for the magician and his tricks, she finds out that his powers are more and more unstable which lead to exile from the stage which leads her to wondering-what is real and what isnt, including their love. 

The books is hardcover with illustrated dust jacket, red paper covered cardboard with spine titling. Plain front cover. Plain back cover. Dust jacket inside flap has synopsis, back flap has author colored photograph with bio. Jacket design by Steve Snider, and Jacket art by Mark Yankus. No special pages or fancy end paper in contents. Leaves, half title, title page, acknowledgements, all in content of book.

Book Details
Title: The Art of Dispappearing
Author: Pochoda, I.
Format: Hardcover, illustrated dust jacket.
©2009 St. Martins Press


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