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Day 7: "Q&A republished as Slumdog Millionaire" by Vikas Swarup

Day 7 of 365 in #BookSpine365

There are some titles you purchase just for the popularity, to see if they're worth the good read or not. This is one of those books. This paperback novel gained its large following after becoming a major motion picture Slumdog Millionaire. An Indian named Ram has been arrested following answering all 12 questions correctly on a TV show to win a billion rupees. So what's so wrong with that picture? Perhaps because he's an orphan who's never read any media such as a newspaper, or even been educated in a school system couldn't possibly do so. In a series of flashbacks, Ram begins to narrate his life and show the world how being street wise and having chance encounters helped him become that billionaire.

Read a few pages, put it down. Just like the many others I collect on my shelf-perhaps I will be in the mood for it again one day. Perhaps not. Some books I can "get into" and I used to force myself to finish books, regardless if I liked them or not after a chapter or so. Not anymore. I have learned that life is too short for bad books. I will always give it one more try, (maybe I was tired, wasn't in the mood for that genre, etc.) but after that? Nope. But it will sit on my shelf, perhaps to be loaned out or swapped for a better title another day. 

Book Details:
Format: Paperback, photograph via motion picture cover. 318 pp. 5.2 x 8 in. 
Contents: Front and back matter. Title page, acknowledgements. Table of contents. Prologue, epilogue, reading group guide. Author bio. Titled book spine.
© Scribner 2005 


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