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Day 8: "Finger Lickin' Fifteen" by Janet Evanovich

Day 8 in #BookSpine365.

I own a few series books, and this is one of them. Unfortunately I have never read the previous books before, so will the characters be unfamiliar, disjointed and hard to follow? Hard to tell in many series. This title is relatively new on my shelf, I barely cracked it open. I brought it on a whim at a bargain bin somewhere for $1.00 just in case if I ever needed a mystery novel with quirky characters to delve into. A celebrity chef enters a competition and loses his head-literally. Meanwhile, the chef's sponsors offer a million dollar reward for info on the killers. Enter a bounty hunter and bails bond office worker-the latter who is witness to the crime to collect the cash, and supposedly a little hot romance and traitor is added in the mix. Sounds like a lot going on. Hopefully it will be a fast paced read, not too confusing with the multiple characters and plots. 

Book Details:
Title: Finger Lickin'Fifteen by Evanovich, J.
Format: Hardcover with embossed lettering dust jacket. Full color photograph of author back of jacket. Inside flap: book summary. Back flap: author bio. Red cardboard. Spine titling. 308 pages. 9.4 x 6.3 x 1.1 inches. 1.1 lbs. Jacket design by Phil Pascuzzo. Author photograph by Roland Scarpa. 
Contents: Front and back matter. Title page, dedication, acknowledgements. 
©2009 St. Martin's Press


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