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Day 32: Take a Trip Down Memory Lane With the Berenstain Bears

Day 32 in #BookSpine365. Visit a title a day from my bookshelf. Month Two.

So let me tell you a little bit about nostalgia: there is nothing that compares with the scent of book being curled up as a child near your favorite little corner tugging at big pages with little fingers. Such memories include Little Golden Books with the classic shining spine and sturdy back, Choose Your Own Adventure books, and the beloved series of The Berenstain Bears.

Written by Stan & Jan Berenstain and continued by their son Mike-the series has celebrated over 50 years of writing with over 300 titles. This copy, The Berenstain Bears and G-Rex Bones is on my Kindle rich with illustrations in black and white as shown in eink, or in color via the Kindle app if you prefer to read via smart device or computer.

I purchased this copy for my son (and who's kidding-my trip down memory lane) for the great story line and lengthy read. In a nutshell, Bear Country has a mystery and it's up to a bear to solve it-who has a nemesis that wants to destroy his reputation. Fake bones, muggers, and frauds. Oh my. This ebook includes a cover page, title page, table of contents, author bio, back ad. 73 pages, ©Harper Collins 2012. 


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