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#Bookspine365: An Update.

Ugh. I wish it didn't come to this. That I was so behind. More than a month behind on my #bookspine365 project, where I share a book daily from my bookshelf. Unfortunately life gets in the way. Life, in this particular circumstance happens to be chronic pain where I have personally dealt it with for years and recently underwent a procedure which I am recovering slowly. I share this with you because I made a commitment for myself for this writing project. I also share this because while others are nosy, intentionally mean, curious, or understandably don't know what to say---I am also a US Pain Foundation Ambassador. It is with that title that I intend to be transparent as possible but still maintain my privacy in the hopes of advocating, gathering and sharing resources, and becoming a voice in the pain community in letting others know they are not alone. There is help, there is hope. There is also power in standing up for yourself and fighting against the negative influences, thoughts, people, laws, red tape, and other factors that effect chronic pain warriors. With that said, please be patient with me catching up. You can also always reach me via email for help, talking, resources, and also Twitter, Google+. I also have a chronic pain board on Pinterest and weekly digest on, the Chronic Pain Warriors. I urge you to visit the programs available of the US Pain Foundation as well.

Much love to you all,


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