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Day 41: Angela's Ashes by the Fire in Ireland... #BookSpine365

Day 41 of  #BookSpine365. Visit a title a day from my bookshelf. Playing catchup, but who cares? Good books follow.

Winner of the Pulitzer Prize and read by millions, Angela's Ashes is a memoir and book one of Frank McCourt's trilogy of his childhood in Ireland. The book woefully reads as tales of struggle and poverty, but moreover as heartache and the very essential resilience in which McCourt gained during his years. He aged before his time. Old souls, are what I call them. Throughout his stern Catholic upbringing and constant hunger for knowledge, he struggled with rules and battled with thoughts of what was right and what was wrong. He saw beauty in simplicity. In hunger, he saw the honor in thankfulness for food. This book has a lot of feels. It's raw. Poignant. Some might not be able to handle the frankness and bluntness of what was in that era, and the exposure of taboo subjects and ways. McCourt challenged them all and lived to tell the tale.

My copy is in great condition. Only slight fraying near the spine.

Book Details
Title: Angela's Ashes
Format: Softcover. Nonfiction/Memoir. 363 pages. 
Contents: glossy cover front matter book reviews. B&W photo, halt title page, dedication, acknowledgments, title page, author bio. Cover design by John Fontana. Cover photo ©Culver Pictures. Author bio picture by Martin Sheerin. © Scribner 1996.



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