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Book Spine 365: Day 43

Coraline by Neil Gaiman

Currently, this book sits by my nightstand. I purchased this from a second hand book store and it was wrinkled at its corner, turned up at the edges and I couldn't resist. With illustrations by Dave McKean, the 27 page softcover 10th anniversary edition was worth its price.

I have to admit, I'm biased. I am a Gaiman fan. Everything he writes just sits with me well. Resonates with me. If you saw the movie, then you're quite familiar with the Narnia type sense of a little girl entering a door  to find an entirely different house-however this one is strangely different yet similar to her own. To make matters worse, the family within the door want her to remain there and change her...never letting her go. Coraline will have to do whatever it takes to get back to her ordinary life.

Author: Neil Gaiman
Read Now
Illustrations: Dave McKean
Category: Supernatural-Fiction
Publisher: Harper Collins
Pages: 27
Copyright: 2002. Revised edition, 2012
(also available as an ebook)

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