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#Inktober Days 25-27: All Caught Up and Still Drawing

So I have a bit of catching up to do. I drawn but have not updated by blog with the #Inktober posts. Life gets in the way. Here we go.

Day 25:
I was feeling like absolute crap and my hand had a heartthrob in it. Is that possible? Drew anyway. I practiced various parts of the anatomy and inked in one picture. Ended up with this one. Some sort of pin up Madonna look. I like her afro.

Day 26:

Squeak was the prompt and of course mice are on the mind. Looks like the lil guy has a cheerio or some bits he wants to gather from around the floor. Mice aren't that scary when they're not in your house. He's kinda cute. 

Day 27: 

I wonder if we are all secretly marionette dolls, pulled in opposite directions and have no true control of life. If so, the whole world is truly a stage. Hey, I like how I made her little mouth. I wanted to keep the design real simple but almost creepy. I like the goth-Burtonesque look. 

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