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Daily Sketching, Noctis, And other Happenings!

Lemme catch you up!
So I'm still drawing daily. Sketching at least 1 hour a day, mostly 2 hours daily. I try to take my time working mostly on traditional with pencil and paper, filling out my big ass 600 page sketchbook.

I took off two whole days when I was feeling absolutely dreadful and other than that...kept back at it. Today, I worked on canvas and completely ruined it. Like...omg. It was terrible. Whoa. Terrible. I really, really have to get a hold on watercolors. 


Anyway, I figured I bounce back and just keep drawing. In between making chili all day, I signed up with DeviantArt and put a few of my sketches there. Check me out. Also, I updated my Instagram and Twitter. I've been busy.

I joined the Daily Sketch group which fits perfectly for me. I will keep on with my personal goal of learning anatomy and such and fulfill the daily forum sketch goal on DeviantArt as well. I know there are a few other websites, but I don't want to get too overwhelmed.

Today's daily sketch went by fine, and it was the Noctis character from Final Fantasy. I really know nothing from this character-but do know that his hair is everything. Thirty minutes are used for the #DailySketch in this challenge. It's great for a warm up and capturing essential features. 

As always, feel free to support my work! I appreciate you.


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