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#Inktober 28-31 I reached my goal!!!

So, I want to first say thank you all for the love and support that everyone has given me for my first Inktober. This was my first 31 day challenge in using inks and the process has not been easy. What I have learned most of all is that I can level up and accomplish a goal-and Bob Ross was right all along. Happy little trees, happy little accidents. The few times (well, many) that I made a mistake with ink, I found a way to recover. The innate practice served me well and gave me the muscle memory needed to accomplish an even bigger goal I have in mind. I currently have my eyes set on becoming an illustrator one day...practice makes perfect. It's never too late, and chronic pain be damned I will obtain this goal. 

I has also connected with other artists and creatives that I look up to. Taking their advice and getting tips along the way are great resources in education and learning skills required to keep up ones artistry. There's a great sense of community within the creative world; I was deathly afraid of sharing my work online daily but did so anyway. In doing so I've gained the confidence to steps outside my own little creative shell and try different linework, styles, and advice. I learned and unlearned things. I loved this experience. 

With that being said...I still have no power cord from a few dats ago when it broke from laptop. Decided to update via app. Although I've already completed and shared works on Instagram, Twitter, Discord and other social platforms-I needed to update my Blog desperately. 

Day 28:
Bride of Frankenstein Bride

Day 29:
 Stranger Things Fan Art

Day 30: 
Charlie, the Darkness (Don't Starve Together)

Day 31:
Creepy Clown


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