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Sketch Daily and Andrew Loomis Practice: Frontal Face and Big Hair

Sketch Daily: What's been happening since #Inktober

I have a 600 page brand new sketchbook. It's big. It's thick. It's long. It's sturdy. It's all mine. Each sheet is 10.75" x 12.5" inches, acid free and the book is a hard cover. Oh yes. Its beautiful.

I love it. 

I did a few sketches from #Inktober within the first few pages, but I wanted to do a daily sketch-practicing anatomy, animals, cartooning, illustration, fan art...whatever I wanted to do. The point was: keep practicing. Muscle memory. Learn from my mistakes, compare, see the difference with growth within sketchbooks. While I struggle wholeheartedly with drawing hands, I am getting better. I browsed through my Andrew Loomis book and followed through the instructions of shaping the head. Getting a tad bit better.

(free download here!)

The head and eyeballs are spheres. Draw accordingly, and stop being flat pieces of crap on the paper! Ok. I had to try.

A great start. Keep going. 
Well, today I completed a lil' portrait, and it was my #DailySketch. I'll probably draw a few animals later, or just keep practicing Loomis style. What I find most difficult are lips. Hands. I'm just learning torso areas. It seems overwhelming to learn anatomy, but drawing lines and comparing constantly helps. If I am on digital, I was told to "flip my work" comparing the mirror image/back front/left right/. This makes perfect sense as a lot of times when I draw, things are tilted. 

I ended up with her:
11.06.17. Daily Sketch #DailySketch 
Well, if you want a book huge enough to clobber a small minion, don't forget to buy one. Also, Support my Art! I'm always taking donations to go towards art related supplies. Thank you so much.


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