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Sketch Daily: Lois Lane and I drew lots and Lots and Lots of Hands.

Today I drew lots of hands. Digitally. I won't bore you by posting them. I uploaded a few few reference photos via the Art Rage app, and traced them. I repeated this step until my hands hurt. Then I tried without tracing. The muscle memory definitely helped. The hands looked less crappy, and I understood the flow of the digital side a bit better. Overall, I still prefer traditional because I love the feeling and control in my hand. While I can CTRL+Z (that's delete or undo) to death, I think that will develop bad habits for me while I learn. I would personally learn traditional mediums first and then get a better hold on digital, if that makes sense.

In the DeviantArt group prompt, I decided to tackle Lois Lane. I like the feel of the Justice League animated series, about 2001 or so. Anyways, I ended up with this:

It's a start. I'm hoping to improve, as usual. 

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